2019 Charlie Calendars!

The 2019 Charlie Calendar is here!
This is the 12th annual (WOW!!) Charlie calendar and my favorite one yet.
Click HERE to see much bigger pictures and to order yours!

one year ago: Daybreak
two years ago: Autumn Rainbow
three years ago: Splash Of Light
four years ago: Delish
five years ago: Heard In Whispers
six years ago: Ahoy
seven years ago: King Of The Mountain Meadow
eight years ago: Running Off Into The Sunset
nine years ago: Monkeying Around With A Gorilla
ten years ago: Good Life
eleven years ago: Exploring A Bucket

2 Responses to “2019 Charlie Calendars!”

  1. Vanessa H Says:

    Ordered! :-) Can’t wait to get it; now people at work will be able to put a face with Fred’s work of art I wear daily. ^_^

  2. Torre Says:

    great pictures as always! i love the closeups. and this month’s picture with Charlie with his nose all tucked in for his nap – making me soooo sleepy on this rainy day in MD!

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