Roly Poly

photo taken December 2018

one year ago: Drifter
two years ago: Before The World
three years ago: Happy New Year!
four years ago: Snowball
five years ago: Puppies In The Window
six years ago: Bonehead (Kidding, Charlie!)
seven years ago: Slope Of Nose
eight years ago: Beaming
nine years ago: The Catcher In The Sage
ten years ago: Dance
eleven years ago: My Five Dollar Stetson

2 Responses to “Roly Poly”

  1. Polly Jackson Says:

    Perfection! Happy New Year to you and to dear Charlie!!!! How is Eli and your female dog?

  2. Hal Walter Says:

    So glad to see he is still doing fine. Read your book years ago and check in every once in awhile. Being from Kansas, have always liked and respected coyotes. Best to you and yours.

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