Charlie In May vs Charlie In July

photos taken May 2019 and July 2019

one year ago: A Pouf Of Color
two years ago: Close To Camoflaged
three years ago: Pretty Little Things
four years ago: Your Gorgeous Chaos
five years ago: Angel’s Angles
six years ago: Interrupting A Romp
seven years ago: Notes On Charlie ~ July 5
eight years ago: Yay! Play!
nine years ago: Shedding Season
ten years ago: Snow Nosedive
eleven years ago: The Livin’s Easy

3 Responses to “Charlie In May vs Charlie In July”

  1. Vanessa H Says:

    WOW! Such a difference!!!

  2. Andy Says:

    Second what Vanessa said; I’m not sure I would realize they’re both Charlie if I wasn’t seeing this post! I must be more used to his winter coat in general, because the second pic in particular doesn’t quite look like the boy I’m familiar with seeing.

  3. torre Says:

    wow! i love seeing the difference

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