Sittin’ Pretty

photo taken August 2019

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2 Responses to “Sittin’ Pretty”

  1. Linda Lu Says:

    How sweet! Without his big ruff of fur (which he’ll be getting back soon) he looks like a little puppy again. I remember when I had my little Pekingese how much she would shed and I would comb and brush her to get all the old fur out so that she could start the process of the beautiful coat all over again. It’s been so many years ago, now, (she has been gone 38 yrs.) but I sure remember it and the hours that I spent brushing and combing her and the bags full of fur that would come out of that little gal. I seem to remember that you use to make things out of Charlies fur years ago. Do you still do anything like that?

  2. Mirjam Says:

    To me he looks like a wise old mystic you meet at the end of a long pilgrimage in the middle of nowhere. He knows how the world works.

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