Truth And Beauty

photo taken February 2020

one year ago: Arooo?
two years ago: Deep Drifts
three years ago: At The Still Point
four years ago: Newer Every Day
five years ago: Glutton For Love
six years ago: Holla
seven years ago: So Bad All My Bones Shake
eight years ago: Grouch Crouch
nine years ago: Silent And White
ten years ago: Let It Snow
eleven years ago: Bon Ami
twelve years ago: Neckin’

5 Responses to “Truth And Beauty”

  1. Sandy G. Says:

    Such a loving and trusting look in his eyes at you!

  2. C in Florida Says:

    This lovely being is so precious.
    It is such a gift to be able to start each day with Charlie and the good hearts that saved his life . . .

  3. torre Says:

    awww so sweet 😊

  4. Kim C Says:

    That unquestioning faith in and unconditional love for his human!

  5. kt Says:

    It’s good to see what a healthy coyote looks like. The ones here in my area near foothills are skinny and raggedly looking. I feel so bad for them, scavenging the neighborhood. Wish they could all be like Charlie!

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