Seriously, How?

photo taken May 2020

one year ago: Beaming In A Sunbeam
two years ago: Where’s Waldo, Coyote Style
three years ago: May Flowers
four years ago: In My Garden Forever
five years ago: Little Wildflower
six years ago: Two Toys And A T-Shirt
seven years ago: The Eye Has It
eight years ago: Glow
nine years ago: Lavender Fields
ten years ago: SQUEAK!!1!
eleven years ago: Close-Up With Goose Feather
twelve years ago: Tromping Through The Snow

One Response to “Seriously, How?”

  1. Marya Says:

    First of all, yes, how? That’s 90 degrees!

    Secondly, “seriously how” and “seriously howl.”

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