Now that Charlie is older, larger, and has a canine companion, how does this affect the dynamic between him and Eli? Is Eli still an authority figure to Charlie?

The dynamic between Charlie and Eli has never changed.  Even when Charlie was challenging me, even as he has matured in himself, even with the added dimension of Chloe, Eli reigns, and Charlie always, always defers to him.  Chloe caught on quickly and, while she is a bit more brazen and fearless in her licking of Eli’s head, she, too, knows he’s in charge.

When Charlie sees Eli, he starts whimpering, wagging his tail quick and low, and bows down to lick him.  It is so funny to see a 2-1/2-year-old coyote curling himself towards the ground in an attempt to get his head below a cat’s chin.

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