Weekend Roundup: Summer Edition!

Have you been visiting HONEY ROCK DAWN?
If not, you’ve been missing out!
I’ve posted tons of pics + stories from our summer on the mountain,
with more to come.
Check it out by clicking HERE.

Also: my shop will reopen on Monday!
Join me on TWITTER for up to-the-minute updates,
including the new location…….

And I’m reopening comments here on The Daily Coyote.
Happy Autumn, everyone….

9 Responses to “Weekend Roundup: Summer Edition!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Glad you & the farmily had a great time up on the mountain, I’ve enjoyed the pictures and the stories Shreve!

  2. taffy Says:

    Loved your mountain vacation! We are having hot weather too, here in the Seattle area.
    Love this photo! he is a sweet Ferdinand! I know he is not a bull but it’s a cute story anyway, and his sweet face is so much like him! I found the whole animated feature on YouTube! Walt Disney-Ferdinand the Bull-1938 (hope it’s okay to mention it)

  3. Juli Says:

    What a look on his face! This reminds me of the myth of Zeus and Persephone.

  4. Christine Says:

    Love your posts and pictures. The one above is priceless! I think I’d be a little intimidated by his size and the look on his face. I’ll have to check out your Etsy store. Tried a few weeks ago and saw you were taking a break. Everyone needs one of those once in a while :)

  5. Jerry Johnson Says:

    This photo is the quintessential, Shreve… You are so at home exactly where this photo shows you and you have no qualms about being so close to the huge member of your farmily.

  6. Shea Perry Says:

    Hi Shreve!

    I just finished your book, “The Daily Coyote”, which was given to me by by aunt. I really enjoyed it and I LOVE this picture of you sitting with the bull! It’s great! Thank you for providing reading enjoyment between being a mom to two adorable little boys, a wife to an amazing husband and pursuing my degree in sports nutrition! :)

  7. LizardIsANerd Says:

    Yeah, unfortunately, I *can’t* visit Honey Rock Dawn during work hours. I can daily coyote during breaks, but HRD is blocked :(.

  8. laura Says:

    he is a mystical magical shaman of cows :)

  9. Feral Boy Says:

    “Hera’s behind me, isn’t she?”

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