photo taken January 2012

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8 Responses to “Carpetbagger”

  1. Carley Says:

    I haven’t seen any pics of Chloe in a while. Is she okay?

  2. Lisa Says:

    I never miss a day on this site and I just love how happy Charlie always looks. A happy coyote face is one of the best things ever!

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    Cant…. Stuff… Any…. More…. In….. My…. MOUF!!!!!

  4. Nathalie Says:

    Raaarrrggghhhhh, I keel you!

  5. Steph in Oregon Says:

    Happy Happy Shreve and Charlie

  6. wright1 Says:

    One of the most wonderful things about animals, to me, is how eloquent their body language is. They can express so much, if we have the patience and experience to understand it, without a sound.

    Charlie just seems to shine with playfulness and bouncing good humor in this image. Well done, Shreve, finding that moment.

  7. Loretta Says:

    I am a huge fan of Charlie’s Gumby-like muzzle.

  8. Monika Says:

    “Mommy, may I take the carpet out for a walk?”

    I love your pictures and stories of Charlie, great photographs!

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