Surround Sound

photo taken February 2012

one year ago: Snow Deep
two years ago: Snowflakes On His Head
three years ago: Bon Ami
four years ago: Corn Spaz

5 Responses to “Surround Sound”

  1. I Hermit Says:

    Hey Mom, How about a bow-tie instead of a collar tomorrow? Bow -ties are cool! (A nod to Dr. Who)

  2. Nathalie Says:

    He really looks like he couldn’t give a hoot ’cause life is so good.

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    Oh perfect caption!

  4. wright1 Says:

    Wonderful capture of how enormous and mobile his ears are.

    I’ve often wondered what it must be like to have senses as keen as some animals. Something akin to being able to perceive entire textures, colors and shapes we can’t.

  5. Lesley Says:

    It may seem strange but I see a lot of Eli in this photo. In the positioning of the ears, the eyes, the mouth.

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