Winter’s Snack

photo taken December 2012

one year ago: Shadow Self
two years ago: Blends Anywhere
three years ago: Fall Shadows
four years ago: Nestled
five years ago: Of Happy Days

5 Responses to “Winter’s Snack”

  1. Sheri Greaves Says:

    How old is Charlie now? He’s so beautiful.

  2. rwd47 Says:

    Also what caught his attention in the last frame? He looks like he is in mid chew.

  3. carmel Says:

    SG go back to the archives…I think Charlie is around 6 now…I agree, he’s a beauty to behold!

  4. Pawstn. Says:

    Love, Love , Love you Charlie. I just can’t wait each day to see a new and gorgeous picture of you.

  5. CathyA Says:

    He’s eating someone’s poop isn’t he!

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