2014 Calendars ~ Charlie & The Farmily

2014 Charlie Calendar
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They’re back! This year, I’ve changed everything about the calendar – except the star, of course, though I have added a few new stars with the Farmily calendar.

The calendars are bigger (8.5″ by 25″ hanging), spiral bound, on thicker paper stock, and printed the old fashioned way, on a press. This technique creates images of such high quality, they can be saved and framed individually, if desired.

Ordering details are HERE and HERE.

Why pre-ordering is a good idea this year:
I will be submitting my final order numbers for both calendars at the end of this week. Since I’m having them printed on a press instead of digitally (much higher quality), I will not be placing a reorder when this batch sells out – it is way too expensive to print more than one run. When they’re gone, they’re gone, so pre-ordering ensures that you start 2014 with a calendar (or two)!

See more pictures in my online shop HERE
(International + U.S. orders)

U.S. orders also available through my Square shop HERE.


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9 Responses to “2014 Calendars ~ Charlie & The Farmily”

  1. Patr Says:

    oh, Ricardo….how you made us all smile.

  2. carmel Says:

    I’m ordering…

  3. Torre Says:

    yay!! looks like Feds get to go back to work for a bit so ordered my Charlie calendar and the new Farmily calendar :)

  4. Malou Says:

    Where is Eli? Is he not included in the Farmily Calendar?

  5. m.v. Says:

    most definitely ordering. just have to decide how many of each. they will make excellent presents.

  6. Cathy Says:

    Just placed my order! Looking forward to it – the photos of Charlie are gorgeous :) Thank you, Shreve.

  7. shreve Says:

    M ~ Eli refuses to pose for me! You wouldn’t believe how many times I catch him being cute or sitting in perfect light, turn to reach for my camera, and when I turn back, he is gone. Vanished! The few photos I have managed to snap before he notices are low-light point-&-shoot pics of him fully asleep inside, and not high enough quality to print from.

  8. Ryane Cox Says:

    Are you planning on doing a 2015 calendar?

  9. dailycoyote Says:

    R ~ Yes! It is at the printer right now! Hope to have it available by the end of the month.

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