Teddy Bear Treat

photo taken December 2013

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5 Responses to “Teddy Bear Treat”

  1. pam Says:

    Simply,,,THANK YOU! you always make me happy with your pictures.

  2. Marg Says:

    Bye bye teddy bear lol.

  3. Stefan Jones Says:

    “You’re a freak of nature, Mr. Squid-Bear. Now let Doctor Charlie take care of you.”

  4. mj Says:

    It’s really sad that the little bear doesn’t know what’s in store for him. Both Charlie and the bear appear to be smiling at one another. Unfortunately, once Charlie begins his serious “getting to know you” routine, I don’t think the little bear will be quite as happy! Be that as it may, Charlie’s grin is irresistible and I guess the whole thing is worth it in the long run:)

  5. Torre Says:

    Can’t look at this picture enough – just love this expression :)

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