Looking Up

photo taken April 2014

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11 Responses to “Looking Up”

  1. Marg Says:

    Hard to believe that beautiful coat will soon be in tatters. Don’t think anyone has ever asked you, do you bath/brush him?

  2. shreve Says:

    M ~ brush: yes; bathe: no :)

  3. Patricia Long Says:

    This is a great photo of Charlie looking up. His eyes are calm and full of trust. The lack of color seems to define everything so sharply so that Charlie looks like a part of his surroundings and his eyes draw you into the photo also. I love it!

  4. Karen Says:

    Charlie-o, Charlie-o, wherefore art thou, Charlie-o?

    Oh, there you are!

  5. jw Says:

    This photo of Charlie is stunning (well, really they all are)! I’m loving all the texture, color/lack of color. I’ve been taking photography classes and would be interested to know if there’s a filter on this pix? It almost looks sepia…but then not. If you’re willing to share your secret on this one, I’d love to know. :)

  6. shreve Says:

    JW ~ No big secret! I just fiddled with the saturation levels (desaturate, but not all the way).

  7. Dave Wallace Says:

    Shreve, at first glance I thought that might be a quadtone. If you are not familiar with this technique, here is a link.


  8. shreve Says:

    DW ~ Thanks for the link! I will try that!

  9. jw Says:

    Thank you for the info! I’m going to play in PS with some of my photos. Hope you, Charlie, and the Farmily have a great weekend!

  10. Dave Wallace Says:

    If any of you should happen to be in a music shop, look up the Cecilia Bartoli album “Rossini-Heroines-Gioachino”. Take a loupe.


    Note: Quadtone is meant for reproduction on a very-high quality litho or offset press, using 4 plates. Each different plate adds richness and detail to the image.

  11. cecil Says:

    I pictured myself as Charlie … Love it!

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