Beauty, The Beast

photo taken December 2014

one year ago: Snow Coyote
two years ago: Wonderland
three years ago: Charlie B. Demented
four years ago: Sleeping Sentry
five years ago: Scratch And Sniff
six years ago: Precious Package
seven years ago: Deep In the Weeds

3 Responses to “Beauty, The Beast”

  1. Vee Says:

    Gosh, he certainly did fill out for the winter. Looking handsome as ever.

  2. Polly Jackson Says:

    Charlie is so very majestic, such a beautiful soul….each time I see him, I am amazed at what a fabulous animal he is. He takes my breath away!

  3. Torre Says:

    Nice! I still re bet a recent picture where the snow was up to his shoulders! Your snow is always so pretty!

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