Light And Bright

photo taken June 2015

one year ago: In ‘N Out
two years ago: Jolly Green
three years ago: Weekend Begins Now
four years ago: Springtime Smile
five years ago: Profiles
six years ago: Mesmereyes
seven years ago: Backlit & Blended

4 Responses to “Light And Bright”

  1. jsara Says:

    Looks like he’s smiling! Love Charlie’s profile!

  2. Jenny C Says:

    Your sweet, wild boy appears to be processing a lot of info inundating all his senses… or maybe he’s just fondly remembering his prime rib dinner last night, hehe.

  3. taffy Says:

    yes something in the wind

  4. Bev Says:

    Still a gorgeous guy!
    And I’m glad he had prime rib for dinner. He deserves it. I’m sure the rest of the farmily got some as well. :)

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