When Toys Attack

photo taken August 2015

one year ago: Sweetest Pea
two years ago: A Coyote’s Best Friend
three years ago: Sibs
four years ago: Wild And Crazy
five years ago: The Lazy Double C Ranch
six years ago: “I Gave Her A Foot And She Took Four.”
seven years ago: Say CHEESE!
eight years ago: No Ears

10 Responses to “When Toys Attack”

  1. Hallan Says:

    Thank you- I needed the laugh today!

  2. Patr Says:

    Okay, that got a me to spew water on the keyboard….. Too funny!

  3. Colleen G Says:

    This photo has now become one of my all time favorites! I am already having a crappy day and very much needed this.

  4. hello haha narf Says:

    oh man, PERFECT photo this fine monday morning. thank you!!

  5. Vee Says:

    How cute is this! <3

  6. Crystal Perkins Says:

    Oh Charlie, your glad that is just a toy; beautiful boy. Cause me & all of your fans don’t want to see/hear about u getting hurt. besides u r a lucky boy.

  7. Ed Warmoth Says:

    Made me laugh!

  8. mj Says:

    Love it!

  9. Karen Says:


  10. wright1 Says:

    At last, justice for all the restless spirits of those plushies buried in shallow graves!!

    Wonderful, Shreve. I’ll be giggling all week, thinking of that.

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