photo taken October 2015

one year ago: Stonyface
two years ago: Good Morning, Magic
three years ago: Ahoy
four years ago: King Of The Mountain Meadow
five years ago: Octotoss
six years ago: Look Of Love
seven years ago: Wrapped Around Her Paw
eight years ago: Exploring A Bucket

8 Responses to “Floofer”

  1. Jenny C Says:

    Ooohhhhh… yummmm
    How beautiful and precious, all at once. I want to wrap my arms around all that sweet softness. Hard to believe this is the same Charlie from Wednesday’s fierce shot, hehe.

  2. Jenny C Says:

    Oops… meant Monday’s fierce shot, not Wednesday’s. :)

  3. Karen Says:

    In my family, this pose is called ‘kinging;.

  4. mj Says:


  5. wright1 Says:

    My fingers *ache* to massage that silken scalp, gently rub those velvet ears… Thanks for sharing.

  6. Carol K Says:

    He looks like he’s deep in thought which of course is not possible, but………

  7. Kathryn Says:

    “deep in thought”? Nope, almost asleep to me!

  8. mlaiuppa Says:

    Is Charlie starting to show signs of gray hair?

    By his age my Ramses (who is black) was already developing gray eyebrows and his muzzle was starting to gray.

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