2016 Charlie Calendars!

The 2016 Charlie Calendar is ready to debut!
This is CCIX (Charlie Calendar #9), can you believe it?

I picked our favorite images from the last year (those which received the most comments here on the blog) and added a little something new this year – or should I say, a little something old?  A baby picture!  I couldn’t resist, and I had a feeling you all would love it, too.

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and to reserve your calendar.

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one year ago: Boing
two years ago: Good Morning, Magic
three years ago: Late Summer Love
four years ago: Thunderstormy
five years ago: Midflight!
six years ago: Chase Me, U Know U Wanna
seven years ago: Happyhead
eight years ago: Stogie

4 Responses to “2016 Charlie Calendars!”

  1. Torre Says:

    yay!! of course, I saw an email last night and placed my order when I should have been sleeping… I just love all these pictures and a baby picture in the calendar too – sweet! It must be so tough to choose which pictures go on the calendar!

  2. jsara Says:

    Oh Charlie! Love his calendars! Thanks Shreve for putting his baby photo in! He’s such a sweetie!!

  3. Johnathen Says:

    Just one one word ” awesome ”
    Baby pictures are great, maybe more to come some time?

  4. Shwatso Nanimwe' Says:

    Just ordered my Charlie calendar. ( under my real name). Charlie is truly a remarkable animal!! and Shreve Stockton a remarkable person!!!

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