photo taken January 2016

one year ago: Squeak!
two years ago: A Delicate Step
three years ago: Chilly Kiss
four years ago: Snow Snow Snow Snow SNOW!
five years ago: Second Spot Of Snow, With Stuffie
six years ago: Love….
seven years ago: He’s Got The Right Idea
eight years ago: Restin’

5 Responses to “Kissable”

  1. richard Says:

    Coyotes are naturally shy. If he knew how many people will see this picture of his face today, he would be scared out of his fur. Fortunately, that won’t happen, and fortunately also, a couple lucky people get to pat him.

  2. Marva Says:


  3. Scotty Says:

    i dunno he looks a lil crazy to me

  4. Jenny C Says:

    Crazy eyes, profoundly luscious & kissable coat! Wonderful shot.

    Hey, Scotty – I think anyone can be crazy-lookin’ and kissable, all at once, hehe. ;)

  5. Scotty Says:

    Haa haaa yes. i don’t mean crazy in the sense that he might bite me, i mean crazy like… well… ok charlie is nuts. this is well documented, lol. he might decide that my jacket needs a good shaking and dragging about the compound with me in it. and then of course all hell would break loose if chloe gets involved. and if this chickens get wind of all this.. oh boy. just sayin… if he was lookin at me that way, no kisses.

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