photo taken April 2016

one year ago: More Spring Wind
two years ago: Singing Into The Wind
three years ago: Beckoning
four years ago: Snow Upon Ear
five years ago: Arbor Ardor
six years ago: Sunny Side Up & Over Easy!
seven years ago: Treats
eight years ago: Snow Sentry With Shovel

7 Responses to “Boo”

  1. Vee Says:

    Oh fluffy love ❤️

  2. Jsara Says:

    Here’s lookin at you babe!

  3. taffy Says:

    awwww so beautiful and cute….sigh!

  4. Karen Says:

    I never tire of his endless expressions!

  5. wright1 Says:

    Oh, the contrast of those incredible amber eyes with the texture of his fur… wonderful.

  6. torre Says:

    awww what a sweetie

  7. rockrat Says:

    Dude looks like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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