Earth Tones

photo taken March 2017

one year ago: Blue Sky Smile
two years ago: Post-Burial Of The Stuffie Sort
three years ago: Light Within
four years ago: Yawn Composite
five years ago: Frosty Face
six years ago: Leapfrog
seven years ago: Looking Rather Cartoonish
eight years ago: Home, Sweetheart. Home.
nine years ago: Up To His Elbows

One Response to “Earth Tones”

  1. Alyxx Says:

    Charlie is so beautiful. He has been a part of my life for so long, (and yours, of course, way more so). I fear the emotional depths in the future, as I do with my own fur babies. How do you prepare? Is it just “death is part of the cycle” or do you mourn each passing with new levels and shades of grief? I hate to ask such a deep and sad question, but as passings (and anniversaries of passings) hit, I think of this more and more…..

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