Looking Skyward

photo taken August 2017

one year ago: Field Of Dreams
two years ago: Veils Behind Veils
three years ago: Hip To The Hop
four years ago: Stuffie Shake
five years ago: Charlieroo
six years ago: Tall Alfalfa (He’s Standing Here)
seven years ago: Seeking Shade
eight years ago: My Two
nine years ago: Still A Sweet Pea
ten years ago: Peace

6 Responses to “Looking Skyward”

  1. Betsy Says:

    OMG – I love this!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Whatta whimsical and wacky way to start the week! Thanks for this one, Shreve! And actually, thanks for all of them, every day, every mood, including us in your special, intimate journey with Charlie (heart emoji)

  3. Crystal Perkins Says:

    Beautiful Charlie looks like he sees something flying over Like a bird, or plane, or something else

  4. bonnie Says:

    thanks! great to start the day with a laugh!

  5. wright1 Says:

    Eyes, ears and nose high. Wonderful capture of not only a moment but his curiosity and wonder.

  6. JoAnne Says:

    Charlie is so beautiful. It does my heart good to see him. What a beautiful boy.

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