Open Wide

photo taken June 2012

one year ago: Spring Silliness
two years ago: No Longer Winter…
three years ago: Shake It Up
four years ago: Nest Of Light

13 Responses to “Open Wide”

  1. Colleen G Says:

    That mouth looks like it belongs in a horror movie! Gnarly! He’s just way too cute.

  2. Linda Lu Says:

    Very intimidating!!!! Would be even more so if the picture were taken outside in the brush! Here, it almost looks like he’s really laughing hard at something.

  3. I Hermit Says:

    I once caught a roadrunner THIS BIG!

  4. Marg Says:

    I love the Spring Silliness shot, look at the fun expressions on their faces let alone their bodies! We should all be able to enjoy like that. The next shot, Not Quite Winter is absolutely stunning .

  5. marg Says:

    No Longer Winter……….instead of Not Quite, whisper a secret in my ear and it will be changed immensely by the time it gets around the block lol.

  6. Taryn Says:

    My what a big mouth you have… !!!

    Great shot, esp. in sepia.

  7. Patty Says:

    He looks like a Tim Burton character in one of his animated movies.

  8. wright1 Says:

    No matter how many times I see shots like this, they still blow me away. That gape! The closed eyes and sepia make it look comical, but those jaws and teeth are still impressive.

  9. Catsquatch Says:

    Ok, THAT is a little scary…. Until I remember its just sweet Charlie ;)

  10. Roxie Says:

    In Memory of the late, great Phyllis Diller–spiky hair & Fang jokes!

  11. carmel Says:

    Way past his bedtime…

  12. daily coyote Says:

    R ~ YES!

  13. torre Says:

    wow – I had no idea their jaws opened that wide!! those are some pretty teeth :)

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