Watching The World

photo taken February 2018

one year ago: Dig Dig Dig
two years ago: Still A Sweet Pea
three years ago: Above, Below, Within
four years ago: The Beast And His Bestie
five years ago: Seer
six years ago: Dreamer
seven years ago: Portrait Against Blue
eight years ago: Tasting Snowflakes
nine years ago: Counting Sheep
ten years ago: Showdog Stance

4 Responses to “Watching The World”

  1. Murph Says:

    That gorgeous winter coat protects the boy completely!

  2. torre Says:


  3. Polly Jackson Says:

    I love and adore Charlie, so much. It’s been a year now that my Zora has been gone and she surfaced about the same time Charlie did. Hug him for me and love every single minute you have left with him (I know you do). Precious ones.

  4. Pat D. Says:

    Love the ginger color on the back of his ears!

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