photo taken February 2018

one year ago: Charles
two years ago: Head On
three years ago: Winter Returns
four years ago: Snownose
five years ago: Grace
six years ago: Red White & Blue
seven years ago: Looking Forward
eight years ago: Moody Views
nine years ago: Eagerly In A New Direction
ten years ago: Watchers

3 Responses to “Nosey”

  1. Pat D. Says:

    I love your close-ups of Charlie’s face. I’m always fascinated by the way animal whiskers grow out, how their fur lays, the color of their eyes… Great stuff! I am always staring into my cat’s eyes when she is up on my chest. She states right back, too.

  2. torre Says:

    such a nice closeup. Charlie has the most gorgeous eyes!

  3. Murph Says:

    What a soulful dude! Melts right into you.

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