Alive Within Mysteries

words by Wendell Berry
photo taken March 2018

one year ago: Through The Trees
two years ago: Later, Gator
three years ago: Little Wildflower
four years ago: Maniac Maniac
five years ago: Cat Call
six years ago: At Ease, Yet Always At Attention
seven years ago: Frosted Tips
eight years ago: Tundra
nine years ago: Slinky
ten years ago: 5 Degrees This Morning

4 Responses to “Alive Within Mysteries”

  1. torre Says:

    what a magical picture! and happy birthday week to Charlie – and to you too if i recall correctly from your 1st book!

  2. Jenny C Says:

    Nature never clashes its colors. Beautiful symphony of gentle hues just befor spring busts out its most vivid colors.

    Happy 11th, Charlie darling!

  3. Holly Says:

    I can’t believe that he is 11. How fast the time has gone by. I have followed you since about 2008, and I check in with Charlie every day to see what he is up to, and you Shreve, and the farmily. Happy Birthday Charlie and a very Happy Birthday to you Shreve.

  4. Pat D. Says:

    Happy Birthday to Charlie the orphan coyote pup who had a lucky start at the dawn of his life. And found his Farmily forever.

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