Even Charlie Wonders…Will We Ever See Flowers Again??

photo taken March 2018

one year ago: A Book & A Birthday!
two years ago: Later, Gator
three years ago: Little Wildflower
four years ago: Sculptural Tongue
five years ago: Open Wider
six years ago: Dream Within A Dream
seven years ago: Frosted Tips
eight years ago: Waiting For The Perfect Snowflake
nine years ago: Slinky
ten years ago: Stick With Me, Kid

7 Responses to “Even Charlie Wonders…Will We Ever See Flowers Again??”

  1. Linda Lu Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARLIE!!!!! Hope you have a really good day, week and month for your birthday and, yes, Spring and flowers will be there soon to cheer you. Love seeing all your pics and the little stories about your life. Your “Human” Mom is one great gal, for sure. Thanks, Shreve, for sharing Charlie with us for all these years.

  2. bonnie Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie! i sure am glad you were born, and that Mike brought you home and Shreve brought you into all our lives. way to share the love!

  3. mj Says:

    Charlie, we’re wondering the same thing here in central Wisconsin…and snow is in the forecast again! Nevertheless, you remain beautiful in every season. On your 11th Birthday , I wish all the “elf” legs your heart desires and I sincerely hope that you will be able to smell wildflowers very soon. Happy Birthday Charlie.

  4. Bev Says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful boy! May you have many, many more!

  5. Crystal Perkins Says:

    HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY to you beautiful Charlie Hope spring, flowers, and warm weather come soon
    Can’t believe coyotes can live as long as dogs :) Only if people don’t hurt or kill them :( I can’t wait for warm weather either So i can start giving my wild coyotes something to eat

  6. mlaiuppa Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to you, Charlie. What a great life you have.

  7. mlaiuppa Says:


    Google it. 6-8 years in the wild but twice that in captivity. That means 12-16 years on average for Charlie. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he lives to 20. He has the best life. No stress, a loving pack and a fabulous organic diet. Plus Cadillac health care.

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