Gourmet Peasant Food

I have to share what I made for the Gathering In The Honor Of Light, aka Christmas (Christ = light, mass = a gathering) ~ it was simply too delicious, decadent, and simple (so simple!) to keep to myself. I’m actually eating a second batch of it right now as I type.

It’s essentially macaroni and cheese (yes, mac & cheese for Xmas dinner, but keep reading, trust). I’m not including any measurements, because I rarely cook that way.

Bring water in a pot to boiling, add a daub of butter, and pour in little pasta elbows. For gluten-free, I recommend Tinkiyada elbows. Also toss in some dried porcino mushrooms. Boil until the pasta is al dente.

Drain pasta and mushrooms. Slice the mushrooms if they’re in big pieces and keep it all in the strainer for the time being. In the now-empty pot, melt a bit of butter, then toss in grated, sliced, or hacked-up bits of parmesan (REAL parmesan, NOT out of a can), then dump the noodles and mushrooms on top. Return to med/low heat and stir until the cheese is completely melted.

And now the pièce de résistance. Drizzle a few tiny drops (as in JUST A FEW TINY DROPS) of black truffle oil over the mixture. And a dash of sea salt. Stir once more, then taste. Then collapse on the floor in ecstasy.

Truffle oil is insanely expensive and only a minuscule amount is required. I got an 8 oz bottle as a gift that will last me a very long time. I would suggest going in on a bottle with a few friends and splitting the cost, then dividing the oil up in pint jars or something. Store this oil in a very cool place.

And for those who need a bit of guidance re/the recipe measurements, I’d say it’s 1 part pasta, 1/6 part dried mushrooms, and 1/4 part parmesan. And two teeny tiny droplets of truffle oil per serving. So Good!