Green Velvet Beginnings

photo taken April 2018

one year ago: Aligator Face
two years ago: Whip It
three years ago: Gusts In A Gif
four years ago: Singing Into The Wind
five years ago: Cat Nap
six years ago: Anthem
seven years ago: Blue Chew
eight years ago: Sunny Side Up & Over Easy!
nine years ago: Ah, the Coyote Hat. This would go perfectly with my Foxgloves.
ten years ago: Snow Sentry With Shovel

6 Responses to “Green Velvet Beginnings”

  1. Torre Says:

    nice! love the lighting and the vivid green!

  2. Murph Says:


  3. Jenny C Says:

    Looks like Oz, when it shifts from b&w to full color. The fog (or is that a camera illusion?) is the finishing touch – stunning and very beautiful.

  4. carol Says:

    Wonderful how you make the green so prominent!

  5. Vanessa Says:

    At first look I wondered how you had gotten such a life like copy of Charlies to go into your terrarium project.

    Love how the green grabs your attention right away

  6. mlaiuppa Says:

    What a beautiful shot. It’s like seeing Charlie step from Winter into Spring.

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