He’s Weird

photo taken May 2018

one year ago: Walking The Windowsill
two years ago: Playdate
three years ago: Rose Petal
four years ago: Moar Toys
five years ago: Such Symmetry
six years ago: Slightly Spooky
seven years ago: Snug As A Bug
eight years ago: Big Bird? Haven’t seen him, why?
nine years ago: Charlie Hunt, Chloe Cook!!!!
ten years ago: Trucker

3 Responses to “He’s Weird”

  1. Johnathen Says:

    I will second that. Good morning Charlie , you are looking great. Love the look on your face, priceless. Have a fun day . Go look for the mice and your toys to

  2. Vee Says:

    Don’t you mean he’s wired?
    He’s not weird. :)

  3. Roxie Says:

    That “Big Bird? Haven’t seen him.” pic from 8 yrs ago is still my all-time favorite caption contest winner, besting the New Yorker and all others, too. It’s a classic. Thanks.

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