Early Morning Singin’ Song

I have something a little different for you today…
an audio recording of Charlie!

The other songster is Chloe, who still tries so hard to
make her voice as flexible as Charlie’s.

The audio doesn’t end at the silent moment – the last 15 seconds
have some really funny quintessential coyote chatter.


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43 Responses to “Early Morning Singin’ Song”

  1. christy Says:

    Thank you! Spark went bonkers — she usually only hears that in Tijeras in the East Mountains rather than downtown Albuquerque. Love your blog. CE

  2. torre Says:

    so fun!!! lots to say in early morning hours!

  3. Beverly Says:

    That was fabulous, thank you. My two cats were very disturbed, lol. Also, to me, it sounded very much like Native American singing

  4. Stephanie Says:

    I just moved to a farm in Northern Virginia and heard 3 distinct coyote voices this morning in the pre-dawn gloaming. Neighbors had told us there are coyotes in the area. I haven’t heard them since I last lived in New Mexico in the early 1990s. Went from sleepy to WIDE awake in seconds as a result of their singing.

  5. Sheri Nugent Says:

    Oh. My. God. That was so cool!!! My Nash (standard poodle) was like – what the hell?!? I wish that could be my ring tone. Thank you so much for thinking of posting this! Another peek into your amazing world.

  6. Alyxx Says:

    My 5.5 month-old pup went into full head cock, then climbed over me trying to find the wonderful animal making the sounds in or behind or around the computer. Those are magical sounds and beautiful music, thank you for sharing them!!!!!!!!!

  7. Marg Says:

    Love hearing the reactions of everyone’s pets. That was quite an ode to the new day!

  8. Juli Says:

    Whoops! I will have to listen to this somewhere away from my three Pugs. One of them is deaf, one of them didn’t care, but the third one went into “Holy Heck What Was That?” High Alert at the first howl.

  9. Jane Says:

    Loved it! Thank you.

  10. Sarah Says:

    Does that occur every morning, or were they unusually chatty today?

  11. bonnie Says:

    i’m wondering what the context was… like, what set them off? sometimes i hear our local coyotes sounding like that too — usually quite close to the house, and it sounds like some kind of strange and slightly creepy laughing. always makes me wonder why, what are they on about.

  12. shreve Says:

    S ~ Pretty much every morning in spring and summer. He’s not so chatty in fall and winter.

    B ~ I say “good morning” and he starts! Charlie sings to bond.

  13. Sandy G. Says:

    I really liked hearing Charlie (and Chloe) sounding off. I don’t get a chance to hear a coyote howling — loved it! And I love the fact that Charlie and Chloe live together as friends and family! That’s cool (and very unusual, I’m sure!).

  14. Kevin Says:

    Thank you for this! You are so fortunate. Please give the farmily some scratches behind the ears for me?

  15. Crystal Perkins Says:

    I wish i could have Charlie and Chloe singing for my ringtone instead of coyote pack hunting or greeting howl that i downloaded on my phone internet

  16. Carol Says:

    Thank you! You have no idea how fun it is to hear Charlies and Chloe chatting up a storm! It is much appreciated!

  17. mlaiuppa Says:

    That was totally interesting. (Ramses is lying in his bed and aside from looking at me once completely ignored this and went back to grooming his feet.)

    We all think of the coyote howling at the moon or yip yip vocalizations but this was totally a conversation and very different. And poor Chloe. Now, were they talking amongst themselves or was he talking to you? He definitely had something on his mind and was espousing at length about what was in his bonnet.

    Caesar, my lab/dobie previous dog used to have conversations with me. As he got older he would “talk” to me since I would talk to him all his life. It was very different from his usual dog sounds, like a language he developed strictly to talk to me. Not the same pitch or timbre as Charlie but some of the sound patterns were similar.

    Ramses has never talked to me. An occasional woof or bark of demand or attention but no conversations.

    If I had heard this not knowing what it was, I would have guessed a dog, possibly larger terrier of some kind. I never would have guessed a coyote.

    It is possible to make a ring tone from this. There are apps for that. I made a few ringtones from some songs in my iTunes. If it could be downloaded into whatever stores your music it could be done. Perhaps something for the store when and if Shreve opens it again.

  18. Dave Wallace Says:

    Oh, Thank You Shreve. Brings back wonderful memories of raising “Barkly” the coyote pup in Southern California all those years ago. Nowadays I listen to dingoes up in the National Park behind where I live. Cousins, if not siblings.

  19. lisa Says:

    oh! it was just so lovely listening to charlie and chloe! my dogs went crazy and then ran out in the backyard barking like maniacs! thank you for sharing this, shreve. xo

  20. Marya Says:

    So dang interesting!!! What a talker. Charlie often reminds me of my old Siamese kitty — and this seals the deal. Talkers both! Love to you, Charlie and Chloe.

  21. Vickie Z Says:

    I just LOVED this recording of Charlie!! I had no idea that he was so vocal and talkative!! I hope you can keep the recording on here somewhere as I will listen to it a lot …it brightens my day! Thank you!… I am also very happy for the great news about Daisy! Love to you!!

  22. Tammy Says:

    I enjoyed this very much…thank you! It sounded like Chloe was trying to imitate Charlie, and towards the end, Charlie was trying to imitate Chloe! We have coyotes in the hills surrounding our home and love to hear them call to each other. Thank you for sharing Charlie with us.

  23. Mark Mealing Says:

    Reminds me of a duet that woke me about 35 years ago: two coyotes, one tenor, one baritone. The baritone set a melody & the tenor sang unmistakeable counterpoint, the whole for about 40 seconds. Too beautiful!

  24. Kathleen ONeil Says:

    Thank you Shreve for Charlie’s message!!!

  25. kathy grossman Says:

    my indoor cats immediately recognized the coyote yowl and look for ways to escape.

  26. Patty Says:

    That was great. Toward the end sounded like they were harmonizing. !

  27. Linda Says:

    Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of also hearing Charlie My Saluki and my Greyhound perked ears but didnt bother to get up from the warm bed. Its 19 f her in GJCT.< Co.

  28. Kathy Says:

    I just heard the recording this morning & it blew me away. It was fabulous & loved the chatter at the end. I live just outside of Santa Fe and hear them all the time. It’s beautiful. What’s fun is to hear them as they are running. The sound moves. I’ve been following you for years & keep up the great work!

  29. C in Florida Says:

    O, now I know the answer to almost everything.
    These voices cover much more than all the ancient and modern philosophers put together.
    I now know where to come when I need knowledge, encouragement, energy, strength, hope, new ideas, solutions for everything simple, divine, artistic, normal, creative, thoughtful, courage, concentration, momentum, appreciation, brave reaction to reality, sense of completeness, clean air, full enjoyment, looking at the moon, which I look at every single night and morning that it is visible, and feeling the love and fun and reality provided by every dog I ever had. Jeez, it’s all right here in two minutes–the Answer to Everything!

  30. Pat Conway Says:

    You and Charlie and Chloe are lights in the darkness of these times. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  31. Vickie Zimmerman Says:

    LOVED to hear Charlie and Chloe singing!!! Thank you so much!! I could hear that daily!! Wonderful!!

  32. Rosemary Says:

    WOW!!!!!! I mean…seriously WOW!!!! So powerful and strong and beautiful!!!!

  33. Linda Says:

    Charlie singing brought out my little 9 1/2 yr old pitty puppy piper. We hear coywolfs nightlyOn cape cod. She wanted to know what was going on.

  34. sarin Says:

    Wow! Love it!

  35. Eleanor Says:

    Thank you, thank you, for sharing. I will return to hear Charlie and Chloe often. hello to the world, hello to brethren, hello to all living things. <3

  36. Jay Says:

    Vale Charlie, Laughing Dog.

    You touched lives and hearts across the world.

  37. John White Says:

    Absolutely loved that sound! My sheltie, George, went into full mode attention, tilting his head one way and the other, then running through the house barking, joining in with excitement. What a great way to start our day!

  38. Ellyn Says:

    Two things happened today. I learned of Charlie’s passing, and I found Charlie’s joyous voice. I have saved everything I have received about Charlie, but hearing his song, particularly now, is the best. His song is making my crying a bit easier. I am unplugging the earphones and letting it go through the house!

  39. Nancy Lovell Hall Says:

    I’m crying now, I’m so happy to hear this, but so sad that Charlie is gone. I hear coyotes all the time where I live in northern Arizona, but my 4 dogs went especially crazy hearing THIS today!!

    Thank you for sharing Charlie ❤️

  40. Michael Darveaux Says:

    My cats both alerted when I played Charlie singing away -thank you and I remember hearing similar coyote howls when I was a kid growing up in Nebraska-good memories to be sure-Thanks again!

  41. Judy Grigsby Says:

    I know, I know the empty feelings and the pain of yearning for what will never be again. It has been 31 years since that horrible time searching, hoping and praying only to find
    that my son would never be coming home…..ever again. Each year my body reacts to the month of March long before I even realize what month it is. I have dreams, cry for no reason and find I am very agitated and unable to concentrate but even when I know why I feel that way it doesn’t stop. The Angst continues in the pit of my stomach. This is something I would never wish on anybody but today there are so many out there that are going thru the same things as I but the only difference is their loved ones died due to a horrible pandemic rather than at the hands of a so called friend.
    Knowing this doesn’t change anything we just have to bare with the pain and live the best we can each day until we can see them again. At least that is how I am moving ahead….all the while loving my rescue furry friends and getting stronger everyday.
    Thank you Shreve for the joys you share and the beautiful things you write.

    Judy Grigsby

  42. Emilee Says:

    i love your blog i also love you book i am actually doing a book talk sortof thing for my assignment in language arts, thank you for being such a inspireing authour. also the photos you take of charlie are absouloutly amazing.

  43. Peggy Says:

    THIS is what LOVE sounds like.

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