Like Totally

photo taken July 2018

one year ago: Flashback Peekaboo
two years ago: Secret Hideout
three years ago: Still Floofy
four years ago: Good Life
five years ago: Frazzleface
six years ago: Like Velvet
seven years ago: She Gets Him!
eight years ago: My Wildest Dream
nine years ago: Behind A Tree
ten years ago: Nearly A Year

4 Responses to “Like Totally”

  1. Torre Says:

    perfect caption! love the head tilt and the little glimpse of his tooth! and today’s subscription picture is so fun – definitely a happy boy and helped start my work day off with a smile!

  2. Sandy G. Says:

    Giggling–I love that look on his face, and your “Like Totally” title–totally!!

  3. jules Says:

    This might me be favourite Charlie picture ever! <3

  4. taffy Says:

    Cutie casual Charlie

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