Altered States

I am WAY late in posting today. I woke to find some urgent emails from The Guardian requesting photos and an interview ASAP, and spent the morning in a whirlwind of emails to the various departments of The Guardian and the publicist at Simon & Schuster, on the phone for my first overseas interview, and digging though my hard drive for the photos requested to run with with story.

Such craziness has been going on for several months. As most of you know, the photos on this site are four-to-five months behind real-time; this site holds the archives of the photos I send out in the daily emails. Co-incidentally, this is the email I sent out four months ago:

Hi Everyone ~ I’ve put off sending this email but can put it off no longer. First off, Charlie is fine!  I, however, am not.  I have been going at warp-speed since December 2007 and it has finally caught up with me and I have become an absolute basket case.  Last night I thought about what changes I can make to bring some peace to my existence and maintain my excitement about being creative, and have decided to alter the daily subscriptions {note 1/9/09: and therefore what will be showing up here, on the site, as of today}.

I will still be sending out photos of Charlie as always, but am going to spend some time going back through the thousands-upon-thousands of photos I’ve amassed in the eighteen months Charlie and I have been together.

For the time being, the majority of the daily pictures will be photos from the past, but ones that have never been shared to date. I’m excited to revisit his youth – there are so many incredible photos I found (and had forgotten about) when I was digging through old folders while looking for photos for the book.

So trip with me down memory lane for a while, and as I get my feet back under me, I will get my camera back in hand as well. xo S.

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