photo taken September 2018

one year ago: Image Of Mystery
two years ago: To The Moon And Back
three years ago: Looking Towards Autumn
four years ago: Waiting In Weeds
five years ago: Coyote In Rabbit Brush
six years ago: Soft Smile
seven years ago: Shock And Maw
eight years ago: Looney Tunes
nine years ago: Victory!
ten years ago: Goofball
eleven years ago: Notes On Charlie – June 22

5 Responses to “Kissable”

  1. Torre Says:

    awww what an expression – you look a little worried – hopefully, you’re just checking something out! you must have birds migrating through by now!

  2. Barbara Says:

    That’s one well adjusted coyote, even when a little worried!

  3. shreve Says:

    T & B ~ actually, when his ears are back like that, he’s at his *most* relaxed!

  4. Torre Says:

    S – oh, good to know!! now, when my kitty’s ears go back, she is definitely saying enough mama – no more combing LOL

  5. Terry Says:

    Is that his tail that looks like it was appropriated from a FOX?

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