Line, Color, Texture

photo taken September 2018

one year ago: Man Of Mystery
two years ago: Portrait With Carpet
three years ago: Gentle Twist
four years ago: Stuffie Buffet
five years ago: No Bones To Pick
six years ago: Smiles In Sepia
seven years ago: We Had Steaks
eight years ago: Eight Days Of The Octopus
nine years ago: Nimble Nibbles
ten years ago: Nostalgia
eleven years ago: Kickin’ Back

3 Responses to “Line, Color, Texture”

  1. Torre Says:

    wow what an interesting picture – love the lines/texture of his fur – you have the most beautiful light there in WY! I miss our best lighting since i just cannot get up before the dawn….

  2. ng in nh Says:

    I’d say he’s part zebra in this photo! :o)

  3. Sarah Says:

    Looks like he’s wearing a sweater knitted just for him

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