Smoochable Pooch

photo taken December 2018

one year ago: Daydreaming At Dawn
two years ago: He’s Got The Look
three years ago: Between The Rails
four years ago: Pumpkin Eater
five years ago: Happy Day
six years ago: Glitter Gaze
seven years ago: The Autumn Path
eight years ago: Cheeky
nine years ago: The Takedown
ten years ago: Still The Younger Brother
eleven years ago: Fuzz -from the archives-

2 Responses to “Smoochable Pooch”

  1. Helen Packard Says:

    Rarely do I look back, but today I did. “Fuzz” from 11 years ago is so cute…. thank you.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Charlie could sell kisses for charity…..and make a fortune!

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