Sweet Cheeks

photo taken December 2018

one year ago: Watching You Watching Me
two years ago: Snow Nose
three years ago: Snow Day
four years ago: Ice Ice Baby
five years ago: Tonal
six years ago: Whiteout
seven years ago: The Calm Within And The Light Around
eight years ago: Fall Floof
nine years ago: Smiley Coyote
ten years ago: Oh, My Heartstrings
eleven years ago: Hillbilly Frisbee

4 Responses to “Sweet Cheeks”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Gggghhhhh…. urge to hug… rising!

  2. Paul Forcier Says:

    I have never seen a more noble and beautiful coyote. Kudos to Shreve

  3. Torre Says:

    stunning how you capture what i see as emotions in his eyes

  4. Polly Jackson Says:

    I love Charlie, so much!

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