Sir Floofer

photo taken December 2018

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two years ago: In The Light
three years ago: Solstice
four years ago: Beauty, The Beast
five years ago: Gettin’ Serious
six years ago: Wonderland
seven years ago: Meadowed Mystery
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nine years ago: Drifting Into Winter Days
ten years ago: Precious Package
eleven years ago: Deep In the Weeds

7 Responses to “Sir Floofer”

  1. Torre Says:

    any idea how thick his coat is? it looks so cozy warm – i loved the picture you posted once mid-shedding -it was such a thick coat

  2. shreve Says:

    T ~ it’s over two inches; in some places, over 3 inches! He pretty much doubles in diameter in the winter :)

  3. Andy Says:

    A great picture Shreve! Looks almost like a painting!

  4. Vee Says:

    dramatic and stunning :)

  5. Murph Says:

    Just want to get buried in his “floof”. And as always, he looks so “smoochable”.

  6. Sandy G. Says:

    He is a beautiful fluffball! Love to see his winter floofiness!

  7. bonnie Says:

    The picture of health!

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