photo taken February 2019

one year ago: Snow Plow
two years ago: Let My Soul Smile…
three years ago: Back & Forth (a gif)
four years ago: Where Did All The Snow Go?
five years ago: Bedhead With The Tailfur
six years ago: Lightness Of Being
seven years ago: Soft Blue
eight years ago: My Eyes See Snow, But My Heart Sees Signs Of Spring
nine years ago: Study In Snow
ten years ago: Sweetest Of Peas
eleven years ago: Eli Needed Some Face Time

5 Responses to “Wintersong”

  1. Polly Jackson Says:

    Yesterday, in downtown Albuquerque, I saw one of these guys, on the loose….not as brushed and kept as Charlie, though. Still, it’s not something you see every day, especially in downtown!

  2. Murph Says:

    We could hear coyotes yipping back and forth from our apartment patio in Tucson back in the seventies. Habitat destroyed now. Sing, Charlie, sing!

  3. bonnie Says:

    front feet on the perfect little pedestal for the occasion!

  4. Vanessa H Says:

    Head back, feet straight, mouth WIDE open for the best presentation; my high school choir director would be proud.

  5. Terry Says:

    Around here, our “Golf Course Coyotes” tend to sing when there are fire or ambulance sirens to harmonize with. Do Re Mi…

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