Coyote Cackle

photo taken February 2019

one year ago: Tundra
two years ago: It Snowed Again!
three years ago: Colorscape
four years ago: A Fine Vintage
five years ago: Munchkin
six years ago: Big Brother
seven years ago: Open Sesame
eight years ago: Gold In Winter
nine years ago: In His Snowsuit
ten years ago: Tomten
eleven years ago: Notes On Charlie – November 3

3 Responses to “Coyote Cackle”

  1. torre Says:

    something funny there Charlie?!
    today’s daily picture is so nice – i can feel the warmth of the sun

  2. Government Drone Says:

    “I’ve got you, my pretties!!”

  3. Vanessa H Says:

    I’m always surprised at how long Charlies jaw looks when his mouth is wide open!

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