Charlie Is Twelve!!!

photo taken April 2017

The happiest coyote I know is having his happy birthday this week!
And so am I. We’ll be sharing a New York steak.
To be honest, my best birthday present ever is Charlie.

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27 Responses to “Charlie Is Twelve!!!”

  1. Deb Says:

    Congratulations and many happy returns to you and your very handsome & photogenic coyote. The love story continues, hopefully for many years to come. It seems like you two bring out the best in each other.
    Big fan in Loveland, Ohio

  2. Johnathen Says:

    Happy birthday Charlie. You’re looking great.

  3. Polly Jackson Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!

  4. Vee Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!! :)

  5. ng in nh Says:

    Happy Birthday to BOTH of you!! And many happy returns. :o)

  6. Steph in Oregon Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie and Shreve!!

  7. Margie Says:

    Happiest Birthday to you, Shreve and Chuck! It’s been such a pleasure over the years to share your life together. May you share many more years together, and with the rest of us!

  8. janaki Says:

    i’ve been following you for 12 years and feel a part of your life from afar. happy happy birthday shreve and charlie.

  9. Heather Says:

    happy birthday Charlie and Shreve!!!!

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  10. Linda Lu Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Shreve & Charlie. May you both have the greatest birthdays ever and many more to come. Thanks, Shreve, for sharing your life and Charlie’s with us. He is one gorgeous fella, and has the BEST photographer ever.

  11. Kerry Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Charlie & Shreve!

    Nothing makes me happier than receiving these photos! I have been following you since the beginning, and every single photo makes me smile. Wishing you both the very best of days!!

  12. Michelle Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie,

    So glad you two found each other. You both have made the world a better place. Thank you!

  13. Twyla Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie! It’s been such a joy following you all these years. Shreve, thanks for sharing him with us.

  14. Bob Says:

    Happy Birthday to both you

  15. MJ Says:

    Wishing you both a wonderful day and an enjoyable dinner together:) Charlie may be your best birthday gift, but you’ve made him, his story and yours a wonderful gift to all of us. Thank you and wishing you many more wonderful years together.

  16. Crystal Perkins Says:

    Happy Birthday to u Shreve and beautiful Charlie

  17. Andy Says:

    Happy Birthday to you both!

  18. Sandy Schroeder Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie. I’d just love to give you a big New York hug.

  19. Taryn Says:

    I have been following Charlie almost that whole time! May you both have the happiest of birthdays!

  20. Ursula Says:

    Happy Birthday Shreve and Charlie, my very best wishes to you both!

  21. Nan Says:

    Happy birthday, Charlie!

  22. Carol J Gaudino Says:

    Happiest of birthdays to Shreve and Charlie! I’m not sure how it happened that more than 11 years ago, I stumbled onto a blog about an amazing woman who befriended a beautiful coyote pup, but I am so glad I did. Love getting my weekly photos of Charlie and reading about all of your adventures. Thank you!

  23. Sandy Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie. I hope you have many more. You make me smile every Tuesday and every time I see your picture!!!

  24. Mirjam Says:

    Happy birthday!! :D

  25. Britt B Says:

    Happy Birthday to the both of you! And hoping for many more years to come. Can’t believe Charlie is 12 now! :o

  26. Charly Says:

    Happy birthday, Charlie and Shreve! Hope you enjoy your well-earned steak dinner. I’ve followed Charlie for years, and I’ve recommended your blog to neighbors recently because we have just had coyotes move into our neighborhood (my yard, actually), and I hope to make my friends curious about this animal that they fear so much. Everybody in the neighborhood seems to have seen our new resident except for me, and he or she seems to be denning in or very close to my yard. I can’t wait to see him or her, even as I worry about the safety of my small dogs, but vigilance seems a small price to pay for the privilege of sharing space with such interesting creatures. Thanks for sharing Charlie with us–

  27. Pat D. Says:

    Happy belated Birthday wishes,Charlie! You are a very good boy, indeed, and we all owe you and Steve a lot for the enlightenment and entertainment you’ve brought us!

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