Cover Boy


Charlie has been pretty grouchy the past few weeks, snippy and snappy and I didn’t understand why. On Saturday, the snow had finally melted enough in a few areas of the yard that I was able to traverse the ground in my boot-cast for the first time since I broke my foot, camera in hand. Charlie was ecstatic.

His modeling was next level ~ he pranced around catching the light, staring down the camera, posing and smiling and singing. He seemed to know I was limited in my capacity for movement because he ran a few loops repeatedly, consistently, like he knew that if he did that, I could get my framing and focusing down because I knew what was coming and exactly where he’d be.

I hadn’t photographed Charlie for three weeks due to my broken foot – the longest stretch of time, by far, that we’ve ever gone without shooting together – and I think this is perhaps why he was grumpy, like he thought he was getting “aged out” of his modeling career and was insulted when he didn’t have the opportunity to display his fabulous perfection for the world, for all of you, for posterity.

photo taken March 2019

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13 Responses to “Cover Boy”

  1. wujielong7 Says:

    I’m a Charlie China fan

  2. PatR Says:

    Poor boy was missing his specially Momma time.

  3. Alyxx Says:

    What a wonderful, aware, perfect ham he is!!!!!

  4. Sheri Nugent Says:

    That guy! So smart. He wants to do his job!

  5. Debra Says:

    I love this boy.

  6. Betsy Says:

    I didn’t know your foot had been broken. I hope it heals smoothly!

  7. Crystal Perkins Says:

    I thought that beautiful Charlie gets tired of having his picture taken once a while
    Guess he loves to be famous in pictures and miss it :)

  8. mj Says:

    They say dogs (substitute coyotes) reflect their owners (substitute mentor/mom) moods. I’m guessing you weren’t real happy to be cooped up in the house and without snapping beautiful Charlie photos, so perhaps you both needed to get out and smell the fresh air and “romp” together. Glad the nature gods cooperated and hoping you heal well and that Charlie’s mood stays better now.

  9. Government Drone Says:

    “Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

  10. c in Florida Says:

    Oh; this makes me breathe and smile with a happy tear to “see” you two lovely critters out together again in that beautiful air. I used to live around there . . . May all the meadowlarks sing for you . . .

  11. Anna Says:

    Perhaps it is because this is the time you give to just him … there are lots of other farm siblings who also get attention… I love this story, thank you for sharing!

  12. Murph Says:

    Creatures of habit, for sure! Lovely post. Thank you.

  13. mlaiuppa Says:

    William Wegman’s dogs needed to model as their “job.” Fay got a bit grumpy when she felt she was being replaced.

    I think it’s the attention and I also think it’s “work” or a “job.” Charlie has it pretty slick for a coyote. Square meals a day, soft bed. Playtime. Belly rubs on demand. He really doesn’t have that much to do. I’m sure he likes it when you are focused only on him. After all these years he’s also sensed a bit about posing for the camera, even though he is clueless about the camera or photos or anything else. He can just sense a positive feedback when he does a certain thing, so he does it.

    I had a dog, very photogenic for a black dog, that I swear had a sixth sense about the camera. I could never get a candid shot of him because whenever I tried, he would turn and pose. I could sit still and nonchalant for long periods of time and he’d ignore me. But when that lens was directed at him, he would instantly pose for the camera. I think my new puppy is going to be the same way.

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