Wow! Chloe is so big!

Ha!  Actually, no.  I’ve gotten many an email with similar exclamations after people see this photo and other current pictures.  Chloe has certainly grown in relation to Charlie, but the fact is, Charlie is not really that big!
(A funny aside: when my sister saw this photo, she said, “it looks like you photoshopped Chloe’s head onto a polar bear!”)

I think it’s fairly common and certainly easy to mentally lump wild predators together – that they are large and formidable.  Formidable, yes.  But not always large.  For comparison: coyotes average about 40 pounds; a wolf, at least the wolves around here, is about 150 pounds.  HUGE difference!

Charlie is the size of a small medium-sized dog.  Not a small dog, not a big dog, but on the small end of the medium-sized-dog range.  In this post I give Charlie’s measurements.  And now Chloe is about the same, though she does weigh more than Charlie due to her build.

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