Off The Beaten Path

Sometimes, I really struggle with coming up with titles for Charlie’s pictures. This was one of those – I simply could NOT think of a good title for this photo.

Mike came into my office and I said, “I need a title for this! What is the title?!”
And he said, “Off the beaten path.”
And I said, “But… is it really? He’s only like a foot off the beaten path.”
And we both started laughing because we are sleep deprived.

And then I thought about it a little more, and realized, in this culture that desperately wants/needs us all to keep in line and tries to coerce us to stay on a path prescribed by others, being just a few steps off the beaten path can be an accomplishment. And that is worth celebrating. And thus, the title was decided.

photo taken April 2019

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7 Responses to “Off The Beaten Path”

  1. Sheri Nugent Says:

    Title is perfect. Great insight.

  2. Johnathen Says:

    How about and into the wild.
    Great natural photo of Charles in his natural world.
    Thank you mike and Shrev.

  3. Mackenna Says:

    I often marvel at how creative and perfect your captions are.

  4. wright1 Says:

    Love the title and the sentiment behind it. So true: one can find entire WORLDS a few feet off the boundaries we set for ourselves.

  5. Carol Says:

    I’ve often wondered how you come up with a title for every picture, you have so many and you don’t repeat yourself. You enjoyed the title contest years ago, why don’t you do it again now and then.

  6. Sandy G. Says:

    Love it!

  7. Murph Says:

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness, again. Having a talented musician son, this could not ring more true! The masses don’t understand that the “off beat” (no pun intended) is where the beauty lies.

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