Downward Dog

photo taken June 2019

one year ago: Sun Dappled Song Dog
four years ago: Leaves Of Grass
five years ago: Dappled
six years ago: Can Opener
seven years ago: Orange Crush
eight years ago: Four Years Together
nine years ago: Fang Tango
ten years ago: Hungry
eleven years ago: A Happy Scramble

4 Responses to “Downward Dog”

  1. Sandy G. Says:

    Stretch those paws, Charlie!

  2. Mirjam Says:

    It’s incredible how seeing a picture of a coyote on the other side of the world, brightens my day every time. Love you lots!

  3. Sandy G. Says:

    Hello, Mirjam, it’s incredible to me to say “hello” to you on the other side of the world, so ……….”Hello” from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA”! ;-)

  4. Mirjam Says:

    Hello Sandy,

    It is quite incredible we can connect so easily! Hello to you, from Groningen, The Netherlands! :D

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