Face In The Flowers

photo taken June 2019

one year ago: Beauteous
two years ago: Shedding Begins
three years ago: Somnus Interruptus
four years ago: Summer Snowball
five years ago: Outre Coyote
six years ago: On A Dime
seven years ago: Going Green
eight years ago: The Tongue
nine years ago: Partner Yoga
ten years ago: Ode To Eadweard (Muybridge)
eleven years ago: Kinda Tired

4 Responses to “Face In The Flowers”

  1. Alyxx Says:

    That oddly reminds me of one of those “magic eye” posters, where you stare and stare and someone tells you that you see a boat, or whatever…..only you really get to see a Charlie here!!!!!!!!

  2. pam Says:

    absolutely stunning!

  3. torre Says:

    hard to find you Charlie!

  4. Sandy G. Says:

    Beautiful! It took me awhile to spot him in all of those lovely flowers!

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