Such A Looker

photo taken June 2019

one year ago: Tail Shedding Commencing
two years ago: Waiting Out A Windstorm
three years ago: Chiaroscuro
four years ago: Jolly Good Fellow
five years ago: Glow And Grow
six years ago: Spiketacular
seven years ago: Post Burial (Of A Stuffie)
eight years ago: All Points Bulletin
nine years ago: Mighty Mouth
ten years ago: Spring In His Step
eleven years ago: Swaggering The Canyonbottom

3 Responses to “Such A Looker”

  1. torre Says:

    awwww you sure are!

  2. Sherred Lane Says:

    This photograph of Charlie really struck me. I see an old soul in his beautiful face.

  3. Sandy G. Says:

    Charlie still looks very fluffy!

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