Woke Up Like This

photo taken June 2019

one year ago: Shaker
two years ago: Sphinx
three years ago: Shady Character
four years ago: Serene
five years ago: Hidey Hi
six years ago: Goldenrod
seven years ago: Light & Shadow & Moon Of Milk
eight years ago: So Freakin’ Cute
nine years ago: Eli’s Back
ten years ago: Between Winter And Spring
eleven years ago: Halfway To China

8 Responses to “Woke Up Like This”

  1. ng in nh Says:

    YOU woke up like this, or HE woke up like this? Either way, what a sweet, intense, loving presence Charlie is! You are both very fortunate and blessed.

  2. Vanessa H Says:

    What a handsome face to wake up to ^_^

  3. Janey Says:

    Such a beautiful boy.

  4. torre Says:

    awwww watching you sleep or hoping you’d get up?

  5. pam Says:

    Such a cutie! You are a very lucky woman, Shreve.

  6. Mirjam Says:


  7. Johnathen Says:

    I would just like to say a big, big thank you for sharing Charlie with us.

  8. Vee Says:

    I continue to admire you from afar Charlie <3

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