Serenading Summer

photo taken June 2019

one year ago: Always Looking For The Sun
two years ago: Giggles
three years ago: Chomp
four years ago: Sacked Out And Shedding
five years ago: Good Life
six years ago: Losing His Tail
seven years ago: The grasses bent to his nose and the sun laid upon his back
eight years ago: Ooh That Itch
nine years ago: My Wildest Dream
ten years ago: NamastHay
eleven years ago: Nearly A Year

4 Responses to “Serenading Summer”

  1. Vee Says:

    lovin’ his coat. and serenading stance.
    just letting you know even thought i don’t always comment, i always check this page for daily photos. :)

  2. ng in nh Says:

    I say ditto to Vee’s second sentence above. Love the photos, every day! :o)

  3. MidwestReader Says:

    I “third” what Vee said…I’ve been lovin’ & viewing your wonder-filled site of Charlie & Farmily from the very beginning. I just want to say a big Thank You for continuing to share with us for so long!

  4. torre Says:

    looks like his coat is letting go!

    i agree with other commenters – get behind on checking blog but love catching up! so glad you do the blog and photo subscription

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